Reality (internet) Dashboard

I remember when I was a kid and I saw my father reading the news every morning, before he goes to work. He used to read the local newspaper (“La Capital” de Mar del Plata”) and the national Newspaper (“La Nacion” in Argentina). Also I remember that he checked in his personal agenda, all the things that he had planned for that day, before he went to run his construction company. He had everything in order, in the correct place, he was a civil engineering. If I speak about my father, I can write forever, I miss him very much. But let’s back to the point about the information received every day.

Now a days, we have TOO many sources of information, as it was predicted by Marshal McLuhan, we don’t have too much time to digest all this information, from the TV, Newspaper, Web, etc. But if we just focus on the web, even tough there, we also have too many sources. We have to check:

  • Work email
  • Personal emails (in my case I have accounts at Hotmail and Gmail for different purposes)
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn updates
  • Twitter
  • Newspaper (in my case I check the Australian newspaper and the Argentinian newspaper)
  • Some blogs and or news related to our profession, etc.
  • etc.
So, how we can do that? I checked a way to have a “dashboard” to put everything in only one place, so then I have a high level overview of “what happens” today. One solution could be to have several tabs or windows in your internet browser to cover all these websites. I’ve also tried iGoogle, and Hootsuite, but the best one that I found is Netvibes (

I’ve organized my tabs with the following information:
  • Main Dashboard (Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, twitter, The Australian, La Nacion)
  • General Dashboard (Translators, Weather, To do list, Web search, etc)
  • Mail (Hotmail, Gmail)
  • Social (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn)
  • News Australia (, Sydney Morning Herald, Google Australian News)
  • News Argentina (La Nacion, Clarin, Google News Argentina)
  • Blogs (Mashable, Techcrunch, etc).
  • Computer (Wired, etc)
  • Oracle & Competitors
  • CRM
Sincerely, I use mainly the main dashboard, if I have time I have a quick check of the other tabs.
Please let me know if you know a better solution for this, or a better tool.

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