Virtual Revolution 9 – The Cost of Free

I’ve just see a very interesting TV program, from a BBC documentary series called “Virtual Revolution”.

Two men holding laptops, while shaking hands

Virtual Revolution charts two decades of profound change since the invention of the World Wide Web, weighing up the huge benefits and the unforeseen downsides. See more information at:

The program talks about the internet revolution, how Google works, a little bit of the social media, how the internet knows everything about us, how the “Big Brother” uses this information to target ads, etc.

There are many interesting links that appears in this program like for example:, who creates the a Declaration of Gestural Independance.

Douglas Rushkoff, author of Life.Inc, was in this program as well. See (“Program or be programmed”..)

Eric Smith, Google CEO was in this program as well. I don’t have to put a link for Eric, who I remember him from the times as CEO of Novell and Sun in the past, and he was also part of the board of directors of Siebel.

Chris Anderson, author of “The Long Tail”, was in the program as well: (see )

Many others appears in the program, but if you see some of these links you will find very interesting information about this new Virtual revolution.

If I remember well, the program finished mention that the web is redefining privacy, how we interact and who we are.


PS: if you want to know the sources of this TV program have a look at: (Thanks to the web)

PS2: I find out that the program that I see tonight is called: The Cost of Free (““), sadly this one is not available to watch again over in the BBC web…. but research a little bit more ;-)

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